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Theyyam Photography Tour in Kerala: Theyyam Tour

Theyyam Photography Tour
03 Jan 2020
Theyyam Photography Tour in Kerala: Theyyam Tour

Theyyam Photography Tour: Witnessing Theyyam in Kerala

Go on a Kerala Theyyam Photography Tour to witness Theyyam in Kerala – “the dance of Gods” in God’s Own Country! It is a ritual art that is performed in the sacred temples (kavu) of North Kerala. Theyyam is the part of Kerala Tourism

The energetic movements and the dramatic expressions of Theyyam dancers make an interesting subject to capture through the lens making it one of the best Photography tour in Kerala. This Theyyam Photography Tour in Kerala is a great treat for photographers.

What is Theyyam?

Theyyam in Kerala is a 1500-year-old heritage dance form popular among the tribal community living in this region. It is believed that the God or Goddess belonging to a temple temporally manifest in the body of a Theyyam performer thereby elevating him to a divine status.

Theyyam Photography Tour

Every year, the Theyyam season starts in October and comes to an end in May.  There are different types of Theyyam in Kerala and the performance in each sacred grove or temple shrine is different from the other and the acts during the day and night are varied too. Capture various elegant Theyyams like Kathivanoor Veeran, Kandanar Kelan, Pottan Theyyam, Kandakarnan, Kshetrapalakan, Theechamundi, etc.

As Theyyam performance is in the temple premises, prior permission is required for Theyyam Photography Tour in Kerala for Theyyam. Leave these impediments to us and go for our 3 nights 4 days Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tour in Kerala to get the best experience. Tyndis Theyyam Tour offers one of the best Photography Tour in South India.

Getting along with the Theyyam Photography Tour in Kerala

Zoom in tight to get the best shots of the colourful spectacle of Theyyam dance. The elaborate make-up, the preparation of the intricate costume, all put together is a visual treat for any spectator. Tyndis storytelling Theyyam Photography Tour in Kerala is aimed at creating a social and cultural immersion and designed with the values of Responsible Tourism.

Tyndis has English-speaking storytellers who are local community leaders passionate about this art form to assist the guests for Theyyam Photography Tour in Kerala. They will share the legend behind each Theyyam in Kerala, they will take the guests through the various rituals of Kaliyattam.  You get a chance to interact with the performer, get creative in your compositions and capture their exquisite movements.

Theyyam Photography Tour

Each region has its own local differences in Theyyam rituals. Some major difference can be noted in the face painting (locally known as Theyyam Mukhathezhuthu). The face and body paintings, the eye patterns used in Theyyam are remarkable as the drawings and colours vary according to the characteristics of the deity depicted. Theyyam Face Painting is often tagged as an avenue for one of the best Photography tour in South India.

For instance, the eyes of the performer are painted with black ink to show the aggressiveness or thick and spotted lines are used to show the deity in vibrant mode. The traditional face painting takes nearly 8-12 hours, if interested, you can learn about the art of Theyyam face painting.

For Theyyam Photography Tour in Kerala, it is recommended to experience both the day-time and night Theyyam performances. The day-time rituals are calmer & ritually loaded whereas you will be mesmerized with the hypnotic night performance of Theyyam in Kerala with the red attire, full of energy paired with burning fire and music of drums.  

Theyyam Photography Tour

Kalaripayattu Photography Tour in South India

Kalaripayattu is believed to be the world’s first martial art form that focuses on the ultimate co-ordination of the mind and body. It originated in Kerala. To put a contemporary twist on traditional art photography, Tyndis Kalaripayattu Photography Tour in South India has the performance arranged on the beach. 

Here you can play with various exposures and depth of field while the performers showcase their graceful gestures. Freeze memorable moments in time when the artists are in mid-motion and make the best of this Kalaripayattu Photography Tour.

Theyyam Photography Tour in Kerala – Package Itinerary

In a typical itinerary, our representative will pick you from the Kannur Airport, give a taste of Kerala Cuisine, take you to the Theyyam festival for an overnight performance and transfer you to the hotel early in the morning.

Next day, late in the afternoon we take you to Arakkal Trail to show a Theyyam day performance. On the third day, we travel to Mahe to see another Theyyam in Kerala and in the evening we arrange for the Kalaripayattu Photography Tour with a photoshoot on the beach.

On the fourth day early in the morning have your breakfast, go for Ocean Kayaking and thereafter we will bid you goodbye at the airport. Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tour in Kerala has a mixture of heritage, adventure and well, lots of interesting elements for photographers!

We customize our packages according to your needs and would especially like to mention that we craft all the tours, keeping in mind the safety and women-friendly aspects.

Theyyam Photography Tour

Kannur has a rich culture, historical monuments, street food, spice markets, beaches and beautiful landscapes of swaying palms on the shores of Arabian Sea. Go along with your camera to explore the undiscovered and untold stories about Malabar.

By the end of this Photography Tour in Kerala, we promise you will have a bewitching collection of images depicting the culture, art and heritage of Kannur in North Kerala. Book Now! Experience the best Theyyam in Kerala through Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tour in Kerala.

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