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Top 10 Things to do in Kannur – Kannur Tourism

Things to do in Kannur
01 Feb 2019
Top 10 Things to do in Kannur – Kannur Tourism

Kannur Tourism offers a wide variety of experiential things to do in Kannur for tourists of all tastes. The enchanting city of Kannur is never a city like the Cochin or the Trivandrum. Bearing the cap of being a city, Kannur still embraces its heritage and local stories of the bygone era along the streets and markets. The Urbanity hasn’t engulfed the soul of the place as it had in many other places.

The coastal belt near the Kannur city has had great significance in the Spice Route in Malabar. Kannur is mentioned as a great emporium of spice trade by the world-renowned explorer Marco Polo.

A town caressed in the lap of nature, in the North tip of the Gods Own Country, Kannur Tourism features places sprinkled with immense beauty. There are a lot of exciting things to do in Kannur for any tourist. Tourist places in Kannur are a casket for sightseeing options like beaches, monuments, ancient temples and amazing picnic spots.

Learn about the less experienced activities in Kannur that are unique to the tradition and history of this wonderful land!

1. Payyanur Kolkali – Experience the Stick Dance of Kannur

Payyanur Kolkali is the traditional stick dance performed in the North Kerala region of Payyanur. It is rooted with Payyanur Subramania Swami temple and is originally a temple dance form. The Kolkali will enthral anyone interested in folk culture. This form of Kolkali is different from the Mappila Kolkali or other Kolkali forms elsewhere. Watching Payyanur Kolkali is one of the most exciting things to do in Kannur.

Things to do in Kannur

Payyanur Kolkali – Traditional Stick Dance in Kannur

The Payyanur Fine Arts Society is the guardians of the Traditional and Cultural treasure of Payyanur known as the Payyanur Kolkali. The society has experienced instructors and players of the Kolkali who have decades of connection with the art form. The Payyanur Fine Arts Society associated with Kannur Tourism to arrange a demonstration of the Kolkali for visitors and provides an insight into the history and tradition of the Kolkali through the folklore of the region.

2. Bronze Village in Kunhimangalam – Heritage Tourist Places in Kannur

The village of Kunhimangalam is a casket of heritage and traditions that lay so close to the story of Kannur. The village is known as the Venkala Paithruka Gramam – the Heritage Village of the Bronze Craftsmen. The village has brilliant and skilled craftsmen, known as the Moosaris, who are experienced in making Bronze statues and idols, lamps idols and bell metal crafts and other artefacts. Tourists interested in heritage and craft can add this experience in their list of things to do in Kannur. Tyndis Kannur Tourism provides storyteller heritage walks to the Bronze Village. 

Things to do in Kannur

Kunhimangalam Bell Metal

The craft dates back to ancient ages when the village flourished as the most famous artisan village in entire Kerala. This village in Kunhimangalam was so famous that many major temples in North Kerala, Mangalore and the Coorg regions have the idols of the deities crafted by the artisans of this village in the past. Epic and mythology dominate the crafting of idols and statues like the Nataraja. The artisans of Kunhimangalam consider the craft as a sacred work rather than a mere livelihood. This village is one of the best heritage tourist places in Kannur.

The artisans make use of a secret alloy made of an alloy from brass, copper and tin combined with bell metals to cast magnificent traditional lamps in various shapes and sizes. Tourists can visit and learn about the life and crafts of the Bronze Village.

3. Malabar Beedi Making – An Experiential Activity of Kannur Tourism

The Beedi making is a major cottage industry in Kannur with a home-based women workforce predominantly employed only in the Beedi rolling. The Kerala Dinesh Beedi Workers Cooperative Society in Kannur have its roots down into the working class of the region.

It is an organization that has a rich history dating back to the freedom struggle of India. The mini cigarettes are rolled, roasted and packaged in small workshops adjacent to or within homes and the Beedi workers society. The skilled labourers at the society will demonstrate the preparation of the classic roll the Kerala Beedi in style.

Things to do in Kannur

Beedi Making Experience

Experiencing the traditional method of Beedi Making is one of the top things to do in Kannur. Kannur Tourism features programmes like Tyndis Beedi Making Experience which shall also be introduced to the raw materials used for the preparation of the poor man’s delicacy in the region. Even though in its declining phase, Beedi Making is still one of the major livelihood of people in Kannur. The making process of Beedi can be directly experienced from the skilled labours of the Kerala Dinesh Beedi Societies in the Kannur.

4. Kerala Farm Visit and Plantation Experience in Thabore

Thabore is a migrant village in the hillside of Kannur. A vast majority of the migrants were Christians who had a completely different social and agricultural background. The hardworking people brought new agricultural practices to Thabore area. It is one of the less explore tourist places in Kannur.

Things to do in Kannur

Cardamom Plantation in Thabore

The migrant labourers introduced cash crops like Rubber and daily staples like tapioca to the region which are the major cultivation in Thabore today. Thabore overtime grew as a major exporter of such hill products to the markets nearby and recently to North Indian markets as well.

Tourists can visit the Rubber Plantation at Thabore and nearby agriculture village-owned and operated by the local villagers. Guests can walk through the plantations and experience the activities involved in natural rubber extraction. Kannur Tourism offers various village activities and top things to do in Kannur in Thabore.

5. Tyndis Theyyam Tour – Experiencing the Divine Dance of Kerala

Theyyam is a 1500-year-old heritage dance form popular among the tribal community living in this region. It is believed that the God or Goddess belonging to a temple temporally manifest in the body of a Theyyam performer thereby elevating him to a divine status.

Every year, the Theyyam season starts in October and comes to an end in May.  There are different types of Theyyam and the performance in each temple is different from the other and the acts during the day and night are varied too. Major Theyyam Festivals like Andalur Kavu Theyyam, Muchilottu Perumkaliyattam, Makkam, Madayikkavu, Mandampurathu Kavu etc. happen during this period. As Theyyam performance is in the temple premises, prior permission is required. Leave these impediments to us and go for our 3 nights 4 days Tyndis Theyyam Photography Tour in Malabar to get the best experience.

Things to do in Kannur

Magical Scenes from the Theyyam Dance

Theyyam Face Painting or the Mukhathezhuthu is an art which determines the beauty of the Kolam being performed. The painting or decorative art is done on the face of the Theyyam artist is referred to as the Face Painting or the Mukhathu Ezhuthu. It usually takes up to 8-12 hours for the traditional face painting, sticking to strict rules and regulations. The face painting artist is forbidden from introducing styles and improvisation of his own deviating from the traditional way. Tyndis Theyyam Tour arranges special storytelling sessions for experiencing all aspects of Theyyam. 

In Kannur, tourists can experience Theyyam dance and Theyyam Face Painting at festivals. Theyyam Experience is one of the top things to do in Kannur. Tourists having taste in photography can also book special Theyyam Photography Tours in Kannur.

6. Kannur Heritage Walk with Theyyam Museum Visit 

Theyyam Museums in Kannur are fine spots for people looking to learn about the heritage tales revolving around the Theyyam. This Theyyam Museum operated by Kannur Tourism is designed to encourage studies on history and plots of Theyyam performance and draw tourists and artists all over the world! For more details about Theyyam, one can go for Theyyam Tours in Kannur.

Kannur Heritage Tour features the best heritage tourist places in Kannur. Kannur Tourism boasts the heritage of Kannur Fort, Chirakkal Weaving Centre, Chirakkal Kerala Folklore Academy, Payyambalam Lighthouse, Arakkal Museum, etc. Kannur Heritage Tour is a storytelling walking tour that discusses the story of these heritage tourist places in Kannur.

Things to do in Kannur

Kannur Heritage Tour inside Kannur Fort

The heritage town of Payyanur, situated around 40 km north of Kannur is home for the world-famous ‘Payyanur Pavithra Ring‘. The grand old Sree Subramanian Swami Temple in Payyanur holds the very root story that connects to the name of the Place.

Payyanur is also famous for Astrology, Payyanur Kolkali, Ancient Kalari, Old Temples and Sacred Groves, Khadi and Handlooms, Bronze Statue Making etc. are all part and parcel of the town. The spot where Mahatma Gandhi visited during the Satyagraha is also famous and adds to the pre-independence history and stories of Payyanur. Tourists can walk along the length and breadth of this beautiful town with storytellers and get enthralled by the fabulous stories!

7. Kannur Handloom Experience 

The traditional handloom weaving in North Kerala and especially Kannur, which is famous for the Kasavu Sarees and Quality Dhotis are being preserved now by the cooperative weaving societies that operate in the region.

The weavers’ co-Ooperative societies at Kannur came into being soon after India got its independence. A number of societies have come up ever since, with every passing decade. At the weaving societies in Chirakkal, Kanhirode or Kalliassery, the visitors can view the vast collection of designs and hand weaved clothes at reasonable prices.

Things to do in Kannur

Kerala Handloom – one of the best souvenirs from Kerala

Textile Tour in Kannur is one of the best things to do in Kannur. Certain Weaving centres in Kannur associate with Kannur Tourism to arrange for the tourists to walk around and learn about the various stages of weaving in handloom and producing a fine quality product. The methods and the materials used are elegantly explained by the managers and master weavers in weaving societies. The visitors can also opt to buy the fabrics they hooked their eyes upon as Kerala Tour Souvenir at price lower than the market price! For more detail about Kannur Textile Tour, give us an enquiry.

8. Kerala Poorakkali Experience in Kannur

Poorakkali is a dance with the rhythmic beats, owing to be a ritualistic art form performed in the Bhagavathy temples and sacred groves across North Kerala. It is performed in the stretch between major tourist places in Kannur like Payyanur till Nileshwar. Mayicha is a major centre for Poorakkali in North Kerala. Just like Theyyam, experiencing Poorakkali is also one of the best things to do in Kannur.

Things to do in Kannur

Poorakkali Performance in Kannur

Poorakkali is performed during the nine days Pooram festival (mainly held during the Malayalam month of Meenam) in Bhagavathy temples, this art form focuses mainly on rhythmic footsteps resembling the movements of the martial art form. The dressing and certain moves of Poorakkali have resemblance with Kalaripayattu.

The place where the Poorakkali is performed is also called as the Kalari and the instructor often referred to as Gurukkal. The instructor or the teachers is standardly referred to as the Panikkar. The swift movements in the play are close to martial and masculine moves!
Tourists can experience the Poorakkali performance at the Poorakkali Kalaris in various parts of Kannur.

9. Kerala Mangrove Tour – Kannur Tourism Eco Experience

Visit the enchanting Mangrove Forest in Kannur and experience best trekking and country boat cruise in Kannur. Kannur has one of the longest continuous stretch of mangroves in Kerala. Kannur Mangrove Tour is one of the best experiential things to do in Kannur. 

Things to do in Kannur

Mangrove Forest in Kannur

A natural shield against flood, erosion, salinization and natural calamities like tsunami, this lush green coastal forest is the reason why there is always a cool breeze sweeping across the village even at the height of summer. Click to know more about the merits of Mangrove.

Volunteers and Storytellers under Kannur Tourism department have dedicated their lives to conserve the magical forests of Mangrove. They will accompany the tourists and impart the stories and movements that happened in the region to conserve and protect Mangroves. Tyndis is part of Mangrove Conservation Initiatives in Kerala.

Mangrove Forests are the leading tourist places in Kannur that promote eco-tourism. Kannur Tourism has special Mangrove Tours that will also discuss the biodiversity and importance of Mangroves in the eco-system. Tourists and visitors can also learn about the various types of Mangroves and even take part in the planting of Mangrove Saplings if the time and weather are convenient for the planting.

10. Payyanur Pavithra Ring Makers 

Payyanur Pavithra Mothiram is an exclusive gold ornament with a matchless and mythical tradition. They are produced by some extended families in the Payyanur village of Kannur district and the origin of this unique wonder is closely related to Payyanur Subramania Swami Temple. Payyanur Subramania Swamy Temple is one of the top pilgrim tourist places in Kannur.

The Pavithra Ring is indicated in the Geographical Index. Tourists can experience the stories revolving around the ring and the techniques by which the ring is made from the master craftsmen in Payyanur. The secrets of the Ring Making are never shared with anyone outside – so, always expect the level of abstraction in the stories that are conveyed about the process!

Things to do in Kannur

Payyanur Pavithra Ring

Pavithra Ring is considered auspicious and tourists can buy one of them as a souvenir from their Kannur Tourism Experience. Visiting the Pavithra Ring Makers in Payyanur at their craft place and observe the ring making process. However, it is allowed only with prior permission.

If you are travelling to Kannur, get in touch with us for Kannur Travel Tips regarding things to do in Kannur, tourist places in Kannur to visit, etc. Tyndis Travel Team will provide all the details you need to know about Kannur Tourism.

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