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Tyndis Kerala Theyyam Tour portrays the magic of Theyyam dance. It is the divine ritual of North Kerala. Theyyam dance is performed in the sacred temples. Theyyam has roots mainly in North Malabar. North Malabar or Kolathunadu included parts of Kannur and Kasaragod. As a result, almost all regions of North Malabar have Theyyam. Above all, people of North Malabar consider Theyyams as their protector. There are 450+ different types of Theyyam in Malabar. Chamundi Theyyam, Pottan Theyyam, Gulikan Theyyam, Muthappan, Muchilottu Bhagavathy, etc are a few. Some of the Theyyams are elegant and ritually important. Theyyam in Malayalam are also mainly divided into forms of Shakti or power. Book this Exclusive Kerala Theyyam Tour. Explore Malabar: the land of Theyyams. The Temple Shrines of North Kerala celebrate Theyyam Festival from Thulam (Late October) till Edavam (June). With this Theyyam Tour, tourists can earn about major stories of Theyyam and Theyyam Festivals in Malabar.

Experience Theyyam Kaliyattam in the sacred groves of North Kerala. Theyyam dance is performed in the premises of sacred groves or village shrines. Tyndis Theyyam Tour provides the best experience of Theyyam in North Kerala.

Experienced Tyndis Storyteller will accompany the tourists to Theyyam Festivals. The storytellers will share the legend behind each Theyyam. Furthermore, they will also take the guests through the various rituals of Theyyam Kaliyattam.

And certainly, guests can get to hear the local stories of the temple and the surrounding villages. 

Theyyam in Malabar is performed as per the Malayalam Calendar. This traditional ritual is practised and categorized according to the regulations of bygone princely states.

Each region has its own local differences in Theyyam rituals. Some major difference can be noted in the Face Painting or Theyyam Mukhathezhuthu. Kerala Theyyam is the assumed form of god by humane. Theyyam is performed by communities like Vannan, Malayan, Mavilan, Velan, Munnoottan, Anjunnoottan, Pulayar, Kopalar and others.

In Malabar, during Theyyam season, performance goes day in and day out! Tourists can experience the best Theyyams through Tyndis Kerala Theyyam Tour. Guests can also learn about the art of Theyyam paintings on request. Artists of North Kerala are experts in Theyyam Paintings, Sculpturing and Face Painting.

Tyndis Kerala Theyyam Tour is a journey to know all about Theyyam. See the performance, rituals, stories, folklore, and more!


  • Storyteller Service
  • 2 hour Theyyam Tour with assistance
  • Insight on Theyyam in North Kerala

Guest Reviews


Our group had a fantastic time experiencing various Theyyams and the Arrangements made my Naveen and his team were fantastic. Excellent accommodation, lovely food and all our travel and transport, were organised flawlessly. Will definitely go back to cover other parts of Kerala and witness other festive events


Ever since I saw the Theyyam visuals somewhere on the internet, I made up my mind that one day I shall go and make a video on this. Luckily, I got in touch with the right people at Tyndis Heritage. They understood my requirements well and went out of their way to make sure I get what I want.
Theyyam with all its historical background, undocumented aspects and the visually stunning setting is a perfect place to get creative for photographers and filmmakers. Best thing is that it happens for a few months and you can choose your dates when you want to dive in. Absolutely recommended.


We had a great experience of Theyyam and especially of the night fire Theyyam.The experience was really fascinating. Big thanks to Naveen and Tyndis Tours who organised our wonderful Theyyam Tour in Kannur! Tyndis arranged for Midhun, who was a specialist theyyam storyteller.He knows everything about Theyyam and he is from the same place.

We especially appreciated that, while giving us all information about the numerous theyyam performances (our trip was in January) sending videos to help us to decide which Theyyam we wanted to attend, Naveen let us take the final decision! This helped a lot to cater for my photography interests! I could click a lot of great snaps. Through WhatsApp messages Naveen shared a lot of photographs of the Theyyam dance.
I requested for the best Theyyam for a photoshoot, Tyndis suggested Kandanar Kelan Theyyam , A rare night theyyam with Fire.
As per the itinerary, we headed to the temple at morning 2 with Tyndis coordinator Midhun , He arranged everything locally. He discussed with the local Theyyam committee and helped us to settle a very near place to get the best shot. We spent there till 11 in the morning where we shot a few face painting sessions and some morning theyyam as well.
Wow Service - Tyndis arranged Coffee/ Tea in the flask!!
Midhun always kept accompanying us at the performance, and it was really helpful. I felt without a storyteller like him, it will be difficult to make out the rituals happening before our eyes and understand the stories.
This Theyyam tour experience was one of the best experiences I have never had anywhere else in India...and I have been travelling in India every year for the last 10 years!!!!! I really recommend this wonderful experience from Tyndis!


Yes, photography is allowed with prior permission. This will be arranged by Tyndis Storyteller on request at the time of booking.

Suggest to wear decent clothes - covering you from neck to ankles. Some villages may have religious people.

There are around 430+ varieties of Theyyam. The ritual art of Theyyam is unique to the Northern part of Kerala comprising the Kannur and Kasaragod district and some parts of Calicut and Wayanad as well.

No, Theyyam is seasonal and is performed during the period of late October till mid-June. Although, rare Theyyams are performed during the Monsoons as well. The Parassinikkadavu Muthappan temple has ritualistic performance throughout the year - on all days.

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