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Top 5 Things that makes a perfect Workation | Workation Tips

Workation Tips
08 Apr 2021
Top 5 Things that makes a perfect Workation | Workation Tips

Don’t Just Work. Go Workation! Workation- There’s no better thing that can make your work more exciting than a well-planned workation. The new pickup line that is trending amongst the millennial employees in India is “Why work from home, when you can work from anywhere you travel!”. This is in no way a lie. Workations are by far one of the best ways of exploring the world around while you still pull off your tasks at the office.


Workations turn your work into something more soothing as you relax by the beach on a hammock or experience the rejuvenating atmosphere of the misty mountains. Do your mail convos, attend your zoom meetings and get your presentations done. Do all of these as you sip onto a cup of hot brewing coffee or your favorite beer! Work is not the traditional office thing anymore with workation in the scene.


But not all workations might end up in your advantage. Here are some tips that will help you become an expert in choosing the workation of your kind in India or elsewhere. Here is a list of Top things that make a perfect workation.

1. Best Workation Locations with Covid Bubble Accommodation


An ideal ‘Workation’ comes with a comfortable accommodation that matches your go to choice of relaxation. A beach cottage, wanderlust hostels brimming with your travel vibe, a hill station homestay or a mountain view resort – the peculiarity of your accommodation makes the workation all the more enticing. It is never a good idea to worry on your holiday about getting infected and screwing up your workation trip.


The phrase of ‘Covid Bubble’ has become more and more used as the spread of Novel Corona Virus hit its peak. Covid Bubble is a certain environment setup by specific institutions like Sporting Clubs, National Sports Teams, Heads of Nations, etc. who thereby manage to limit the exposure to Covid-19 pandemic. The idea is to carefully create anitized areas with limited access only to uninfected people or vaccinated people.


So, when you plan for your workation in India, make sure to book your stay at a property that matches not only your destination choice, but also provides contactless check-in facilities and keep their rooms sanitized regularly. Call up at the reception and ensure if the accommodation operates as per the government guidelines.


Above all, be a responsible traveller and a responsible human being. Get vaccinated on your turn, follow the safety measures of wearing masks, sanitizing your hands and maintating social distancing at all places required.


Also note that some destinations and properties require the traveller to produce RTPCR negative certificate to confirm the booking as part of the regional Covid-19 regulations. Make sure to enquire about the regional Covid-19 rules and regulations before you plan your travel to keep things hassle free.

2. Workation-friendly Stays


If not for the Covid concerns, the most important aspect of workation is none other than finding yourself at a work friendly spot. Workation is ‘Work’ while you enjoy the vacation. So, it is highly important to book yourself an accommodation that knows how to handle Workation travellers.


Since eveyrthing is virtual, it is a priority for employees to stay online every second of their working hours. Any accommodation facility with experience in offering Workation stay will ensure to provide Uninterrupted High Speed Wi-Fi and dedicated IT support in case if something aint working good at your end. It is a must to verify the Internet Speed, preferably with a screenshot from the reception team. Forget not to do your share of research checking through the reviews about the property as well.


If you are travelling in groups from your office team, premium resorts and luxury lodgings often offer Board Room and Meeting Room arrangements suiting the mood of workation. But as it goes, people prefer to socialize and make use of the common areas rather than a formal board room setup during their workation.

3. Fun Time: Scope for Recreational Activities


Workation is nothing short of a boring stay without the vacation touch to it. By now, you must have got the go-ahead on Covid Safety Measures and Working Comfort at the proeprty of your choice. It is now the time to get your eyes on the vacation.


Recreational activities are important to keep you relaxed during your staycation. It can be of any kind – fun, adventure, wellness and spa, yoga, culinary experiences and what not! Guests travelling with Tyndis Workations often experience all of these De-stress activities. De-stress activities include Experiential Team Activities like Trekking, Hiking, KayakingCanoeing, etc. Socialize with your co-travellers at the Music Nights with Campfire and Barbecue. Get some fantastic clicks to keep the memories of your workation forever. Tyndis arranges for customizable photoshoot for the travellers at each property. Travellers can also refer the Department of Tourism websites of the respective states just like the Kerala Tourism for more info.


So, do not miss out on your fun! Pick up the best with respect to the activities you can involve in while you are on the staycation. There might be restrictions to acitivities due to the Covid-19 safety measures. Ring up the activity service provider or your hotelier to discuss what you could experience at the place. You could also search online for available recreational activity options near the hotel you plan to check-in to.

4. Best Service with Incessant Support


Nothing counts if you fail to receive commendable support and service from your hotelier. It is super important to read through the online reviews or discuss with someone who has travelled the area previously before you jump into making a booking. Don’t let your workation become a disaster booking with an unprofessional team who never rise upto keep their promises.


Take time to research for your Staycation or else book from reputable travel companies who offer exciting combos of Workation trips. Tyndis takes the effort to promote the top places of Kerala Tourism with all the requirements to satisfy your Workation experience.


Make a checklist of services you expect at the property. Never miss out on things like Pick-up and Drop facilities, Laundry facilities, Food arrangements, Doctor-on-call facility, etc. if you are backpacking or travelling solo.


Said that, it is a relief that there are plenty of passionate and professional Hoteliers and Trip Organizers who ensures unwavering and customer friendly service and support at all times.

5. Best Rate Guarantee for Staycation packages


It is icing on the cake when you could finally manage to find a workation trip that sticks to your budget.


Tyndis Workations provide one among the best and yet budget-friendly Workation with various activity service providers and hoteliers under Kerala Tourism and other South Indian Destinations. There are also other workation packages that offer some of the best workation experiences at best rates. With these options in hand, chances are low that money become your concern as you plan the workation!


However, do not compromise too much on neither the quality of the workation nor on the amount you spend. There can always be a middle way out there that lets you experience the best of your trip and the best price you could get. Do your reasearch online, ask frequent workation travellers and contact travel experts before making your choice.

Plan your Workation with Tyndis


In travel, it is said that there is not better time to seek places than today! So, plan your Workation to the destination of your choice. Tyndis Workations can help you to design a perfect staycation anywhere in India. You relax at a cosy stay with super good Wi-Fi and do you tasks all the while enjoying the serenity of the place.


Tyndis Workation are a conscious effort to separate yourself from your permanent environment and get extremely focused on one element of your job. Settling in with a laptop beneath a shady tree, connecting with colleagues around a fire pit, or sampling a local craft beer at the bar. This is work, but not in the traditional sense. The integration of nature is often a big part of our Workation, not only is it relaxing, but it is shown to boost productivity, mind wandering creativity, and promote mental restoration lost to distraction.


Excited to get your Workation trip planned? Get in touch with Tyndis Workation Team at info@tyndisheritage.com or click this link. You could also contact Tyndis Workation Curators at +91 9535077133 or +91 9495070022.

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