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Things to Carry on your Workation | Indian Workation Packing Checklist

Things to carry for Workation
01 May 2021
Things to Carry on your Workation | Indian Workation Packing Checklist

Workation is becoming a buzz word in the post covid times. To relax your body and mind from the havocs of lockdown and the limits of socializing, a workation trip is considerably the best therapy. Said about the reviving factor of the workation, what are the essential things to carry on your workation? We shall list out the top things to carry on your workation in this blog.


Today, as work from home has become the new way of working, you can try to make the best out of it. Workation is all about making your work from home feel better by working from the place you like the most. Pack yourselves and travel to the beach or the mountains or someplace that satisfies the wanderlust inside you.


Nevertheless, workation is not the usual vacation. You need to still be on the dot with your daily tasks at work whilst you enjoy your holidays. This makes certain things default to the list of things to carry on your workation.

But as it stands, working remotely in your favorite travel spot may not transpire to be as good as it used to be with a carefree vacation. You definitely won’t have the exact same working conditions of your office or the comfort of your home. However, as the demand for workation in India is soaring up, there are more and more staycation options and workation designers joining the league. Indian Workations has become more professional and hassle free with top workation destinations under the belt.


As someone rightly said, “packing for your workation is an art!”. If you carry an overload with you, it might end up being a burden all through your workation trip.  If you carry way too little stuff, discarding even the important things you need, you might end up in trouble and miss out on your workation. It is important to find a sweet spot where-in you pack to your requirement so as to make your work go smooth enough while not ruining your travel with a heavy backpack!


Depending on the number of days of your travel and your work style, you might want to pack differently for your workation. But, however, after discussing with many of those frequent travellers with the Tyndis Workation team, we have prepared this list of 8 most essential things to carry on your workation to enjoy a trouble-free, enjoyable experience.

1. Post Covid Essentials

First things first. In the present day situation of the fatal Covid-19 conditions all around the globe, travelling without adequate protective measures is a fool’s play. Not only does this come first in the list of things to carry on your workation, but otherwise as well. It is important to make sure that you carry enough face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, etc. while packing for the workation.

things to carry on your workation post covid essentials 

2. First-aid Kit and Medicines

Never forget to pack some basic first-aid requirements like bandages, cotton, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointments, etc. with you. Any medicines that you regularly have must be one of the key items in the list of things to carry on your workation or any other travel! It is also a good idea to equip yourself with a small supply of basic medicines like Paracetamol, tablets for stomach upsets, vomiting, gas trouble, etc.

first aid kit things for workation

3. Extension Cords (Power Extenders)

Since you are on a workation, work matters. It may so happen that your accommodation doesn’t have a plug point in the spot where you feel comfortable to sit and work. An extension cord or power extender is a saviour in such situations. It is hence one of the top things to carry on your workation. There are extension cords of various shapes and forms with high durability, handy enough to carry in your backpack.

extension cords

4. Backup Dongle

Since you need to stay online most of the day during your workation, a backup dongle finds an important place in your essential things to carry on your workation.

Most of the workation accommodation provides uninterrupted high speed Wi-Fi facilities. However, incase of some technical issues, your boss may not be happy with you sitting at some mountain without the internet missing out on that important meeting!

backup dongle

Hence, before you plan the trip, enquire with the accommodation team and get details about the service providers with best network coverage in the area. Try to get a sim card with a plan giving you sufficient data speed for your backup dongle.


5. Noise-cancelling Headphones

With Covid Pandemic shutting down offices, meetings and presentations have gone completely virtual. It might be important to attend those daily stand-ups and team meetings to stay updated about the project and targets set for you and your team. With this comes the importance of adding up a good-quality, noise-cancelling headphone with a microphone to the list of things to carry on your workation.

A noise-cancelling headphone will come useful to attend your zoom meetings and presentation in its full potential.


6. Water Bottle

Travelling and working shouldn’t make you compromise on your health. Hence this item in the list of things to carry on your workation. Be it a workation or a normal vacation, carry a water bottle with you. If you are someone who gets issues with drinking water on travel, make sure to fetch yourself fresh and purified drinking water.

water bottle
If you plan to stay at a workation destination with low temperatures, it is a good idea to get yourselves a thermos flask to store hot drinking water.


7. Tea-Coffee Maker
Wondering why a tea-coffee maker is in this list of essential things to carry on your workation? Well, this might not be concerning you unless you are addicted to that work-time tea or coffee breaks.

tea coffee maker
It might so happen that you don’t get a supply of tea or coffee on time at all the accommodations. You might also have to work night shifts when others are asleep. In all such situations, a tea coffee maker is a mood saver! Forget not to carry sachets of your favorite coffee powder or tea bags with you. Heat some water, add some powder, brew your favorite beverage and boom! Enjoy your work time!


8. Travel Documents and Cash

Though listed last, these are not any less important than other items in this list of things to carry for your workation. Moreover, travel documents and cash are things that you should carry in all types of travel – leisure, work or business!

travel documents things to carry on your workation
Pack your personal IDs, reservation and booking documents, hard cash in case you find no digital payment setups, etc. in a safe, waterproof document bag. Indian States have regulations in travel due to Covid-19 protocols. You might want to inquire about the certificates that are required to pass borders from your resident state to your destination.

Most of the Indian States demand travellers to be vaccinated or carry a duly tested negative certificate of Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RTPCR Negative Certificate). If you are partially or fully vaccinated, carry a certificate proving the same.


Additional things to carry on your workation

What if you are that person who really wants to make sure that everything goes well at your end of the workation. Here are some additional lists of things to carry on your workation. These are not essential things to carry on your workation. They only help make your workation better. So, carry them only if you feel the need or you have the comfort of carrying them – say you travel in a car.

External Hard-disk for additional storage to keep your laptop from running out of storage.
Foldable Laptop Table to work at your convenience at any spot you love.
Powerbanks for your laptops and mobile phones in case of power supply issues.
Basic Toiletries like towels, tissues, toothpaste, bathing soap, deodorant, etc. if you are concerned about the kit supplied at your accommodation.

Accommodations usually provide facilities of laundry and other basic requirements. So you don’t have to worry about it.


Design your Workation Trips with Tyndis

Planning your workation might be leaving you confused. Don’t pose yourself to the concerns of steady power supply, technical support, stable network coverage, sanitization issues, and much more things to know about workation. Tyndis Workations have all your requirements covered. Get the best Indian Workation plans at laid back tourist destinations in India like Kerala, Goa, Gokarna and elsewhere with best workation services. Get in touch with the Tyndis Team to plan and curate the workation of your style.

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