Rustic Private Hilltop Cottage at Wayanad

Don't come to taste hotel-like facilities. Homosapien interference will be minimal; a patriarch of a hill will wake you up to the orchestra taken over by competing birds. Temporamental mist who ignores seasons will enter the stage as and when it so wishes and the jasmines tend to blush. That's more or less the mornings at the Inn. A kind neighbourhood lady, who is deaf to criticism and brightens only at compliments will prepare your Kerala breakfast. Be friendly to her and she will cook whatever you want for lunch and dinner (you can buy your own vegetables and poultry or fish at a nearby civilisation). We will charge you only half of what you would otherwise pay and this is to pay the lady of spices. Stars will make your night and the gazers can have a field day. My teenage daughter who went missing overnight once was found on top of the hill sleeping with her eyes open. Don't forget to seek assistance for a BBQ and fire setting on top of the hill.


  • Entire Place
  • A/C
  • Fast WiFi
  • Camp Fire

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