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Tyndis Kottayam World of Words Tour

Tyndis Kottayam World of Words trail to experience the unexplored stories of the Church Mission Society that established in Kottayam. Explore the history and heritage of the CSI Cathedral and Cemetery. The points covered in this Tyndis Kottayam Tour are major contributions made by the English Missionaries to the land of Kottayam.

In this Tyndis Kottayam Tour, tourists are taken to experience the history of Kerala’s first printing press. The CMS Press in one of the highlights of the tour. Guests can also get to know about the beginning of the English education system in Kerala. It all began from the efforts put up by the CMS Society in Kottayam in the 19th century.

CMS High School and CMS College are visited during the tour. These two institutions were the torch bearers of English education in Kerala. Expert Storytellers from Tyndis have curated and setup this tour in a way to make the guests experience the stories about the Church Mission Society at its best intensity. Learn about the story of words in Kottayam with Tyndis Kottayam World of Words trail!

Tyndis Kottayam Tour traverses the soul of the Scholarly Period of Kottayam. Tourists are taken along the major heritage points and historical monuments connected with the Church Mission Society. It is an impeccable blend of the initiatives and belief system propagated by the CMS Missionaries in Kerala.

The Tyndis Kottayam Tour begins are the Orthodox Theological Seminary, better known as the Old Seminary in Kottayam. The Pazhaya Seminary (Old Seminary) is a place that is connected with the stories of the various struggles organized in Kerala by of the ancient Orthodox Christian community to preserve its identity, strengthen its spirituality and promote its ideals. The Seminary was built in 1813. Recently, the Seminary celebrated its 200th year of establishment. The Seminary and its story has a unique part in the cultural history and the story of Christianity in Kerala.

One can explore the premises of the Seminary. Recently, the Seminary have also planned to setup a detailed museum. This will help tourists and researchers learn more about the history and heritage of the Orthodox Theological Seminary. The students at the Seminary, along with expert Tyndis storyteller, will share the facts and stories about the culture and traditions of the Church. This Seminary is a place that holds immense contribution to the English education of Kerala. It all began here!

Next point in the tour, visit the CMS Printing Press in Kottayam. This press set up by Benjamin Bailey for the Church Mission Society in the 19th century is the printing press in Kerala. It is at the CMS Press that the Malayalam language was first printed and published.

The CMS Press administration have put efforts in displaying the early printing press, machinery, artefacts and other priceless documents connected with the printing press for display. This CMS Printing Press museum will give a clear idea of the stories of propagation of English in this part of Kerala. The missionaries and scholars put various efforts in rooting the use of English in Kerala.

From the CMS Press, further move on to the CSI Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kottayam. This Cathedral is the Church setup by the CMS Missionaries. The Cathedral comes under the CSI Church or the Church of South India. The architecture of the Cathedral resembles British architecture. The church is set in a beautiful environment with a positive ambience. The Cathedral has immense heritage and historic importance. The Holy Trinity Cathedral is often only visited from the outside. Mostly, it might be closed after service during the touring time. If the administrators of the Cathedral are available, guests are taken to explore the inside of the Cathedral. Tyndis Storyteller will share the stories connected with the Church – leading to the deep struggles and idea of forming a different church in the history of Kottayam. All the stories are backed up by these historic monuments.

The Cemetery connected with the cathedral is nearby. The CSI Cemetery was setup in 1824. This Cemetery is the final resting place for many high-ranking officials and missionaries from the English settlement in Kottayam.

Further, proceed to the Educational Institutions set up by the Church Mission Society. The CMS High School and the CMS College are among the first educational institutions to begin in Kerala. These were the places that introduced English education. One can walk through the beautiful campus of the high school and college. The stories about the history of the institution are discussed. The CMS Society have immensely contributed to the educational reformation of Kerala. They literally took steps and paved the way to make Kottayam a World of Words.

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