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Theyyam Tour Package

Tyndis Theyyam Tour

Tyndis Theyyam Tour package takes you to witness the magic of Theyyam. Theyyam dance is a uniqueness Kannur Tourism. Experience the vibrancy and energy of the Temple Shrines. Kasaragod Tourism also has a major share of Theyyam Tours. Tyndis takes you to feel the essence of Theyyam in the air. Theyyam goes on, all day and night! This Theyyam Tour package is the journey to know all about Theyyam - performance, rituals, stories & folklore, face painting and more!

Tyndis Theyyam Tour package is best suited for solo travellers, student groups, photographers or artists! Book this tour and explore Theyyam dance of Malabar!

The itinerary given in this Theyyam tour is only an idea of the tour. Get in touch with us mentioning your travel details and requirements. Tell us how many days you can spend in Malabar, what your travel budget is, and what your special interests are. Tyndis shall customize the tour for Theyyam Photography. Tyndis will also make tailor-made Theyyam photography tour catering for your tastes. We will pick the best and budget-friendly hotels and activities as per your requirement. Get in touch with us now for custom packages!

There are 430+ different types of Theyyam in Malabar. Few of these are prominent and ritually important. Theyyam dance is broadly divided into the aspects of Shakti – Bhagavathy, Chamundi and Kurathi. Another category includes the Pottan, Gulikan, Bairavan etc. performed as the manifestations of Lord Siva.

Our Theyyam Tours helps tourists to explore Malabar – the land of Theyyams. The Temple Shrines and Groves of Malabar celebrate the divine dance of Theyyam from the 10th of Thulam (probably Late October) till the Mid of Edavam. Tyndis Theyyam tour helps tourists to learn about the major Kaliyattams and Perumkaliyattam Theyyam Festival in Malabar.

Experienced Tyndis Storyteller will accompany the tourists to Theyyam Festival. In this Theyyam Tour package, the storytellers will share the legend behind each Theyyam. Furthermore, they will also take the guests through the various rituals of Kaliyattam. Guests can also involve in Theyyam photography. North Kerala also have experience Theyyam face painting artists. Guests can interact with them and learn Theyyam face painting techniques. Interested tourists also tend to buy Theyyam paintings from gifted artists.


  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast
  • A/C Car with all State Tax for scheduled transfers

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