Herping in Munnar

Herping is the fancy name for the activity of searching for rare reptiles and amphibians to observe or photograph them. The curiosity and engagement in herping is on rise in Kerala, especially in Munnar. The Herping experience from Tyndis Workation is as much an adventure as hiking and snorkelling if you are someone who loves to explore the wilderness and natural habitats.


When you book a Tyndis Staycation in Munnar, you are exposed to the trending arena of Herping with the best practitioners in the state. Herping today is one among the most loved wildlife friendly activities after birdwatching. Herping or sighting of frogs, snakes, lizards and other reptiles has a set of rules and regulations of its own that ensures that the creatures are not disturbed in their habitat.


Tyndis Workation with Herping Expeditions are best to be experienced during the monsoons when the habitats are lush green and brimming with life. Nature and Wildlife enthusiasts can book this experience with Tyndis Workation with a daily 2-3 hours’ herping expedition on an overall 5 days’ period.


The herping expedition comes with a trained personal herping instructor who knows the nooks and corners of the region and is extremely experienced in spotting the creatures. Herping expeditions are likely to happen in dense plantations and along motorable roads close to the jungles. The activity happens between selected hours inside the endless cardamom estates and forest areas in Munnar.


Herping Activity as part of the workation package comes with a 2 to 3 hours walk through the shola forests brimming with wilderness, or the lush green tea and cardamom plantations. It is a delightful opportunity to peek into the habitat of amphibians and reptiles of the ghats. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you are gifted with the sighting of nocturnal beings like jungle cats, leopard cats, owls, night jars and the porcupines..


Details of the Tyndis Workation with Herping expedition:

Stay in the cosy climate of Munnar in a private room on your workation. The staycation will include stays with amazing hosts and high-speed wifi, power backup, great food and the all exciting herping expedition.


Get ready to go Herping:

  • Herping expeditions for 5 days split into five daily 2-3 hour walks.
  • Monsoon is the preferred season.
  • Experienced herping instructors included.

Herping or sighting of frogs, snakes, lizards and other reptiles is an upcoming arena after bird watching. During herping expeditions in plantations and along motorable roads

Monsoon is the preferred season. A 3 to 4 hours walk through shola forests, tea and cardamom plantations will transport you to the world of amphibians and reptiles. A peek into their daily activities is a delightful experience. As a bonus, you might also be treated to sighting few nocturnal like jungle cats, leopard cats, owls, night jars and porcupines.


  • Private Instructors
  • Private Rooms
  • Hi-Speed WiFi
  • Power Backup

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