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Fishing is both fun and an adventure! Fishing for many is a source of livelihood but it is much more than that. There are studies that associate fishing with many complex aspects of being human - stress relief, social bonding, mental and physical health, recreation, challenge and thrill!


Tyndis Workation in Goa is all the more fun and refreshing with the all exciting Fishing activity. Fishing is not about the success of the catch you get. Even on your worst day, when you catch no fish at all, a day out in the sea makes you feel better than the time spent on the land fighting the mundane tasks says hardcore hobby fishermen. For most part, it is a fact that the pleasure of fishing lies in the activity itself!


Tyndis Workation comes with a 3 Days’ fishing activity with no less than 2 hours’ spend in the experience on a daily basis. In this workation, you share recreational fishing adventures with experienced fishermen of Goa. Goa by geographical and cultural reasons is a land of fishermen.


Get to interact with pro recreational fishermen who have decades of experience and know the nook and corner of the region with detailed understanding of local fishing spots, behaviours of different kinds of fishes and which season bring them to Goan coasts.


Fishing is something that demands measures of safety and patience as the sea is gonna test you in all the best possible ways. Tyndis workation fishing experience ensures the best safety standards both in terms of equipment and the instructor onboard.


Details about the Fishing Experience with Tyndis Workation:

Explore the best of Goan feats with this exclusive fishing experience from Tyndis Workation. This workation comes bundled with a laidback stay with amazing guests. You get access to high speed internet (Wifi), power backup, great food and at the mesmerising Goan beaches to make this workation memorable.


Get ready, let’s Go Fishing:

  • Fishing sessions are divided into 3 parts - Beginner's session where you'll learn all the basics about fishing. Followed by the Intermediate session that dives deeper into how angling works with artificial baits. Finally, once the intermediate level is passed, comes the advanced boat fishing trip.
  • Various Fishing Techniques will be explained.
  • Advanced boat fishing ensures all safety standards.

Detailed stories about the Goan coast and fishing in general from experienced instructors onboard. 

The activity is divided in 3 parts, first is a beginner's session, here you'll learn all the basics about fishing.

Thereafter we have the intermediate level where we dive deeper into how angling works with artificial baits.

And finally once you've passed the intermediate level, we go on a advanced boat fishing trip.


  • Private Instructors
  • Private Rooms
  • Hi-Speed WiFi
  • Power Backup

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