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Become a Skillful Horse Rider

Equestrianism is the fancy name for horseback riding. If you have ever imagined yourself riding a horse seeing historical movies like Troy? Horses have been the mode of transport of mankind for a long time. In earlier days, knowing how to ride a horse was both a requirement and a recreation.


Today, automobiles have replaced horses and bullock carts. Still, the elegance and adrenaline rush of riding a horse. With this Tyndis Workation, get the wholesome experience of saddle horse riding with the best horse riding instructors to get your basics correct and keep you safe as you learn to ride.


Horse Riding is a great exercise to develop better reflexes and a sense of balance and coordination, both physical and mental, as it demands the entire body to guide and propel the horse forward. It truly is hard work to begin with but horse riding will attract your excitement and enthusiasm in a very short time.


Tyndis Workation has all it requires to make your moments on horseback look like scenes from a movie where the star rides off into the sunset. On horseback you will have the time of your life.


Details about the Horse Riding Package:

Horse Riding inclusive workation package from Tyndis is designed for 14 days’ with 2 hours daily riding sessions. The workation will be set in Thrissur with perfect workation setup. Find yourself in the comfort of a private room with high speed internet (Wifi), power backup, great food and an amazing host to make the best out of the workation.



Get Ready for the Ride:

  • In this package, you learn how to ride and effectively use the rider's aids to successfully navigate the horse & master your skills.
  • Practical Horse Management experience covering all the basics.
  • For beginners & experienced riders (both Adults, Teens, Children (6 years+)

Horse Riding- Learn how to ride and effectively use the riders aids  to successfully navigate the horse & master your skills.Practical Horse Management- Dive into the "Horse-World" and get hands-on experience how to lead, saddle and manage a horse.

Horse riding has a historical significance. It is a very good exercise to whole body. It not only keeps the body physically fit but also enhances one’s confidence, decision making ability and over all mental strength.

Do you enjoy being outside in the fresh air?Do you have a love of animals?Are you looking to start a new hobby or meet new people?


  • Private Instructors
  • Private Rooms
  • Hi-Speed WiFi
  • Power Backup

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