Five Bedroom River House

Windermere River House is the epitome of calm.

It sits on two acres of lush garden right on the banks of the Periyar River, and the loudest sound you’ll hear is the splash of water or the call of a bird. The evergreen forests that surround it host some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, waiting to be explored.

The River House echoes a stately old Colonial bungalow. The rooms are large, with soaring ceiling and furniture that have been customized and handcrafted on site, following the old traditions. The common spaces are thoughtfully arranged to balance camaraderie with privacy, and the home-styled meals are fashioned from the bounty of the land, with a little help from our own kitchen garden.

We specialize in solitude, long walks, stretching out on the lawns, quiet boat-rides in the sunset, a pool overlooking the water, leisurely yoga sessions and dinner under the stars.


  • Caretaker
  • A/C
  • WiFi
  • Swimming Pool
  • Parking

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