Tyndis North Kerala Architecture Tour

Tyndis North Kerala Architecture Tour invites you to a perfect architectural treat. Visit the architectural marvels of Calicut. Learn about traditional Kerala architecture. Tyndis Kerala Tours to Malabar are the best choice for experiencing North Kerala. This North Kerala Architecture Tour showcases the major monuments in Calicut. Experienced Tyndis Architectural Storyteller shall accompany the guests throughout. The storyteller will share fascinating stories about each monument visited.

Specially curated full-day North Kerala Architecture Tour in Calicut. Tyndis Architectural Kerala tours include the key architectural structures of Calicut. Discover the design and architecture in Kerala from various periods. Learn about each design and the stories behind the traditional architecture of Kerala from Tyndis storyteller.

This North Kerala Architecture tour is ideal for heritage lovers, photography groups, architecture students or researchers! The tour covers the cultural marks blended with the traditional architecture of Kerala. Tourists can often find a blend of various architectural styles in a single monument.

Tyndis North Kerala Architecture Tour also marks a historical study of Calicut. The tour covers the stories of the influence of various rulers and traders in Calicut over the period. The structures of Malabar can be categorized into palaces, forts, bungalows, mosques, temples, churches and old traditional houses in Kerala. There are also beautiful markets, piers and lighthouses adding to the beauty of the tour. The history of Calicut architectural richness dates back to many centuries. The architectural heritage of Calicut can be divided on the basis of religious influence such as Muslim, Christian (Colonial), Hindu temple and general architecture, etc. One can find all of these along this quick tour in Calicut. Tyndis storyteller will be an expert in the stories and technicality of these structures. Tourists can learn about the fascinating stories and facts about each structure visited in the tour!

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