Tyndis Kottayam Meenachil Tour

Tyndis Kottayam Meenachil Tour is a complete experience of Old Kottayam. Explore Kottayam and the fertile banks of Meenachil River rich with many a thousand years culture and tradition. This Meenachil River Tour comprises of heritage, cultural and engaging experiences. Guests are taken through the vivid flavours of the destination. Heritage and History are well balanced with Hands-on experiences and Leisure with Kottayam backwater cruise. Visit Kottayam and get immersed in the stories about the glorious past of Old Kottayam.

Tyndis Kottayam Meenachil Tour is an engaging storyteller accompanied Heritage and Experiential Tour which features the sorted out Old Kottayam tourist spots to be visited. This experiential tour involves one of the best range of Hands-on activities, Village Experiences and Local Community Interaction. Tourist who visit Kottayam get opportunities to interact with the native people.Tyndis carefully places each story to match its cultural and heritage relevancy. Experience the stories of Meenachil through a Kottayam backwater cruise.

Tyndis Kottayam Meenachil Tour is a soulful journey along Old Kottayam. Guests are taken on an engaging tour that involves Cultural Experiences and Heritage Stories. Listen to the stories that the Meenachil River has to share with you. Old Kottayam is not just a place name. It is a word that collectively represents the heritage and culture of a society that once existed. The circuit of Old Kottayam includes the key points like Thazhathangadi, Valiyapalli and Cheriya Palli premises, Uppootty Thara, premises of Thaliyil Temple, etc.

Tyndis Kottayam Meenachil Tour easily portrays the great cultural richness and communal harmony that exists in Old Kottayam. Learn about the stories of co-existence of various religions, castes and subcastes in pure peace and harmony. Discover the interesting facts connected with the Local boat race, Traditional cottage industry of Papad Making, local fishing methods, etc. This Experiential Tour will make guests grasp the intense stories of cultural values and traditions connected with Old Kottayam. The Meenachil Trail explains the pitiful end to the Thekkumkoor reign and the occupation of Travancore Kingdom in Old Kottayam.

Get into the fascinating stories of the heritage sites like the grand old St. Mary’s Church, Thazhathangadi Juma Masjid and the Thaliyil Shiva Temple. These three points are the major heritage sites of Old Kottayam. All the three are more than a 1000-years old.

Get on a traditional country boat and cruise through the Meenachil River. Reach the opposite bank of Thazhathangadi. The place is yet another beautiful village by the Meenachil River. In the afternoon, guests can have the delicious traditional Christian lunch in Kottayam at a nearby home. This tour can also be regarded as a mini South Kerala food tour. Tourists get to know the amazing taste of the traditional Old Kottayam Christian lunch.

After lunch, explore the village further on a traditional country boat. Visit the nearby Elephant shelter. However, the elephant is quite a busy traveller and he may not be always available at home for a meeting. Further, guests can experience local village activities like Toddy Tapping. etc. Explore the best of Kottayam with this Meenachil Trail by Tyndis.


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