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Discover the best Kerala culinary tour. Tyndis Thalassery Biriyani Experience gives you the best Malabar local delicacies. This is one of the authentic Culinary Tour of India. Experience the ultimate taste of North Kerala Cuisine! Look into the tasty Thalassery Biriyani recipe. Tyndis Kerala Culinary Tour also includes delicious Snacks, Welcome drink and lot more at a traditional house. Furthermore, Tyndis Storytellers will accompany this Kerala Culinary tour. Hear stories about the rich food culture of North Kerala. Guests can actively take part in enthusiastic discussions with the storytellers. They will be certainly excited to share their knowledge. Our storyteller explains the Cooking process better than any Kerala food guide or recipe manual. Thalassery Chicken Biriyani and Mutton Biriyani are quite popular all over the world. It is undoubtedly the best biryani in Kerala. The Aroma and flavours make it the best meal. This South India Food Tour will make the taste alive your tongue and heart for long.

Book this best Kerala Culinary Tour in Thalassery. Thalassery is world-renowned for its biryani. Biriyani is a meal that is famous throughout India. Yet, Thalassery Biriyani has its own specialities. While other Biriyani is prepared of Basmati Rice, the biryani in Thalassery uses Khaima or Jeerkashala rice. It certainly has the influence of Arabian and Mughal culture. It is even more evident in the dishes of the Muslim community. 

The recipe of the Thalassery Biriyani belongs to the Muslim community of Malabar. The technique used in making this Biryani recipe makes it interesting. This biryani recipe is a non-vegetarian one made using chicken and served as main.

In this Kerala Food Adventure in Thalassery, Mrs Mariyam Shabeer will prepare this celebrated biriyani. Mariam is an expert cook and a food lover. She warmly welcomes her guests with great hospitality. Mariam is very enthusiastic, especially when it comes to cooking. Thalassery Biriyani is one amongst here master piece recipe. Mariam and her family enjoys catering for Food tourism in India. The cooking begins with the arrangement of raw materials for the recipe. It is almost a criminal offence to share the recipe before you experience and feel the aroma of this delicious Biriyani! In this India Food Tour, guests can visit kitchens of Thalassery to experience the authentic Malabar Cuisines!


  • Storyteller Service
  • 2 hours Biriyani Making Session and Detailing.
  • Welcome Drink
  • Delicious and Spicy Biriyani served hot.
  • Insight on Biriyani Making and the traditional Malabar Cuisines.


Yes, photography is allowed.

No, the Biryani can be cooked with moderate spice as per requirement.

No, it doesn’t require any prior knowledge. Tyndis Food Trip in India provides an entire preparation process. It will explain Biriyani Making with all key basics.

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