Tyndis Calicut Full-Day Tour

Experience the best Calicut Full Day Tour. Looking to cover the best of Kozhikode Tourist places? Book this unique Tyndis Tour and explore Calicut. This Calicut Full Day Tour first visits the beautiful Calicut beach. Join the Heritage Walk along Calicut Beach. This walk is one of the best parts of the Tyndis Kozhikode Tour. Kozhikode Tourist places have abundant heritage and history. Tyndis Kozhikode Tour explains the stories connected with each of the Kozhikode Tourist places. Further, explore the commercial of the place at the Big Bazaar. Similarly, have a taste of traditional art and culture. Another main attraction is the Sweets and Handlooms. Finally, experience the world-famous Uru Making Yard!

The Calicut-Beypore Colonial tour takes the guests through the unexplored parts of Calicut where-in the British Colonial Settlements first happened. The Calicut Full Day Tour visits the places bearing the soul of Colonial Calicut. The tour includes the top attractions and major colonial heritage points of the Calicut. Guests can find themselves travelling back to the history of the city.

Tyndis Heritage have handpicked the Major Points for the package to suit the tour in Beypore, with one of the major ports of Colonial Calicut. Experience the Beypore Port and the Uru Making Yards in Beypore.


  • Storyteller Service
  • 7 hours Sightseeing Tour
  • Lunch
  • Tender Coconut
  • Entrance Fees


Kozhikode beach is one of the major attractions of tourism in Kozhikode. Hence, the beach is open 24x7. However, there are safety restrictions on entering the waters during the night time. Also, the beach is closed during the heavy monsoons when the sea level rises.

The beach is easily accessible and well-connected with the major city hotels. However, it is a bit far from the Kadavu Resort by Raviz.

Kozhikode is a land of many cultures and traditions. However, as a tourist, one must definitely visit the major Kozhikode attractions like the Kozhikode beach, SM Street, Kuttichira Mosque, Lighthouse, Valiyangadi or the Big Bazaar, Comtrust Building, Mananchira Square, etc.

Yes, the people of Calicut have warm hospitality and are extremely friendly. Tourists can take their camera around and take photographs. However, kindly respect the privacy of people. Do ask before you shoot inside worship places like temple, church, mosque, etc.

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