Munroe Island Sustainability Tour

We take our guests on a 2-hour canoe tour of the backwaters to enjoy the vast lake and the surrounding greenery. The canoe can glide through the narrow zigzag canals and pass under the naturally formed mangrove arches and short bridges. The palm trees bowing down to the canal seem as if they are welcoming you. Besides this water tour, we will take you on a village walk through the coconut farms, banana and paddy cultivation. Most of the locals engage in prawn breeding, sand mining, duck poultry farming, and coir making. As part of our program, we will take you to the natives here to watch them from up-close while they engage in coir making and fish farming. Sadly, the future of Munroe Island seems bleak with rapid ecological changes. Certain areas of this island are sinking. We will take you to one of those houses in this area to give you an idea about the struggle and fear these people face in their daily life. It is believed this island will be completely submerged underwater by 2050. So enjoy the beauty of this quaint village while you can! Our storyteller will take you to this affected places. The Tsunami that lashed the island in 2004 brought about a vast change in the nature of water bodies. Many mangroves were destroyed and certain areas got completely submerged in the water, and even to this day, several low lying areas get flooded on high tide days. More than 430 families have abandoned their homes to the opposite shore fearing the dreadful tidal waves and soil erosion that submerged their houses.

Preferred Time 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.


  • Visit to Temples, Mosques and Churches demands the guests to wear decent clothing
  • Kindly donate to the worship places during the visit
  • Stick to the rules and regulations at the pilgrim centres
  • Please do not throw any trash in the premises


  • Storyteller Service
  • Drinking Water

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