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Why you should choose a Tuk Tuk Tour in Kerala

Tuk Tuk tour in Kerala
13 Jan 2020
Why you should choose a Tuk Tuk Tour in Kerala

Tuk-Tuks (locally known as auto-rickshaws) is a great way of seeing any town or city in India. Tuk Tuk Tour in Kerala features some of the top heritage Kerala tours. Most of the tourist places and ancient landmarks that interests tourists are tucked in narrow alleys, which are best explored, in a private tuk-tuk tour. Tuk Tuk Tour in Kerala is one of the highlights of Kerala Tour Packages.

Tuk Tuk tour in Kerala

A Budget-friendly Transport Mode on Narrow Roads

There are several advantages of travelling and seeing around on a Tuk Tuk Tour in Kerala than a taxi or a bus. Tuk Tuk Tour in Kerala provides various advantages to your touring. Auto rickshaw takes much lesser space on roads and is easier to park as compared to four-wheelers. They manage to effortlessly wiggle their way through seemingly impossible traffic jams and drop you off at the doorstep of your destination. If you are travelling on a budget, then a Tuk Tuk Tour in Kerala is way less expensive than taxis.

Kids will LOVE it!

A ride on a tuk-tuk may seem like a roller coaster ride in the beginning but you will start enjoying it after a while. Kids will thoroughly enjoy a tuk-tuk tour for sightseeing, rather than walking in the hot and humid climate of Kerala. Indian tuk-tuks don’t have seat belts, but if you prefer a slow ride just instruct the driver and they will go unhurried.

Tuk Tuk tour in Kerala

An Incredible Kerala Tour

As most of the tuk-tuks run on CNG or are battery-operated they are environment-friendly. To experience the place you are visiting the fullest, to see the sights, hear the sounds, to feel the breeze, and smell the aromas & stenches, tuk-tuks are your best companion. You can get in and get off easily from a tuk-tuk to see places or easily click candid photographs.

Tuk Tuk tour in Kerala

But sadly, there’s an Exception!

As tuk-tuks are not air-conditioned, we don’t recommend this mode of transport to asthma prone patients or those with a back problem as the ride can get bumpy if the roads have potholes.

Our Special Tuk Tuk Drivers

Tuk-tuk drivers are usually local people who know the roads well. They take you to the hidden gems through the shortest route and do a great job in telling stories associated with the places you visit.  Tuk Tuk Tour in Kerala is made special with the amazing care and personalized service ensured by our drivers.


Literally speaking, certain tuk-tuk drivers can take the tourist for a ride. Therefore, opt for a pre-paid tuk-tuk at airports or railway stations wherein you let know the destination and pay the pre-determined fare to a central authority before boarding the tuk-tuk. Else go for private tuk-tuk tour in Kerala run by trustworthy travel agents like Tyndis.  Tyndis provide various options for Tuk Tuk Tour in Kerala like Fort Kochi Tuk Tuk Tour, Trivandrum Tuk Tuk Tour and Calicut Tuk Tuk Tour.

Tuk Tuk tour in Kerala

Tyndis Tuk Tuk drivers are not just drivers alone. They are residents of the same town and are storytellers too. Experienced and highly professional, they understand English and some of them speak too. While tuk-tuk drivers are notorious for overcharging tourists, our drivers are reasonable. They refrain from taking you to shops where they get commission and stick to the places on the itinerary of Tuk Tuk in Kerala.

Tyndis has heritage walking Kerala tours, which can also be done on tuk-tuks. Below are the details of the various Tuk Tuk Tours in Kerala conducted by Tyndis. All of these tours are done in a storytelling mode with stories and fascinating information about the places visited discussed in the tour.

  • Tyndis Tuk Tuk Tour in Fort Kochi
  • Tyndis Tuk Tuk Tours in Trivandrum
  • Tyndis Tuk Tuk Tours in Munnar
  • Tyndis Tuk Tuk Tours in Kozhikode
  • Tyndis Tuk Tuk Tour in Kannur
  • Tyndis Tuk Tuk Theyyam Tour

If you are visiting Kerala anytime soon, we recommend you to experience a Tuk Tuk Tour by Tyndis.

Book any of the Tuk Tuk Tour in Kerala from the above-mentioned places for a magnificent holiday that will get you closer to the local community life. Get in Touch with us for more details about the Tuk Tuk Tour in Kerala.

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