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Travel to Kerala during COVID-19

Travel to Kerala during Covid
12 Sep 2020
Travel to Kerala during COVID-19

Planning to travel to Kerala? Here is a summing up of all the things to note while you travel to Kerala during COVID. COVID -19 pandemic has spread gloom and uncertainty across the globe but cocooning oneself at home is not the solution. It is high time for travel lovers to go on a holiday and get rejuvenated by breathing in some fresh air.

You certainly ought to choose your holiday tour cautiously during COVID times. If you choose to tour in India, a holiday tour down south in Kerala is your safe bet. We, Tyndis tours based in Kerala to can be your travel guide during these trying times.

Why Kerala is the best holiday destination in COVID times?

Kerala state, lying in the southern tip of India offers a bright ray of hope. Having an able leader in KK Shailaja, the health minister of the state, and a chief minister who addresses his people every day through a press briefing about the latest developments related to COVID, Kerala has vigorously responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kerala’s crisis management experience from the 2018 floods and the Nipah virus outbreak stand us in good stead in fighting COVID 19 as well.

Kerala through the Pandemic: COVID19

  • Kerala has the highest recovery and lowest COVID mortality rate in India
  • The largest number of COVID tests in the country is conducted in Kerala
  • Kerala was the first state in India to provide telemedicine and the first to get ICMR approval for conducting Convalescent Plasma therapy and the only state in the country with two COVID 19 hospitals in every district.

Kerala – a medical tourism destination

Apart from nature and culture, Kerala has proved that we have the best medical care available in India, not just in traditional medical systems like Ayurveda, Sidha, Naturopathy, Panchakarma, Kalari, etc. but also in allopathy with a number of specialty hospitals that offer specialized care for complex medical conditions. In March, two 76-year-old UK tourists showing symptoms of Covid-19 are living witnesses to the utmost care and facilities provided by the district administration of Kochi. They recovered completely and contentedly returned to their homeland promising to visit God’s own country again.

How Tyndis is COVID Ready?

As a responsible tourism company based in Kerala, Tyndis tours take the utmost care of their guests and strictly adhere to the guidelines laid out by the WHO and state government.

  • We have redesigned all our itineraries and thereby avoid busy markets and take you through only safe zones.
  • We choose only those hotels and resorts for our guests that follow COVID care.
  • We transfer our guests in cabs fitted with fiberglass partition.
  • Wearing masks and undergoing a thermal scan is compulsory for our guests and staff before commencing the tour.
  • Our route maps will be away from COVID hotspots
  • We have imparted training to our storytellers to follow COVID care guidelines and respiratory etiquette whenever they join our guests on a tour.
  • Social Distancing: Social distancing includes refraining from hugging and shaking hands with guests.
  • Maintaining a distance of at least 5 feet and avoiding accompanying anyone with a cough or cold.
  • Hand hygiene: All our staff washes their hands thoroughly with soap and water or clean hands with an alcohol-based hand rub. We suggest all to refrain from touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Hand disinfection is indicated after the exchange of phone, tickets, luggage, or any object with guests.
  • Respiratory etiquette: When you sneeze or cough, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or bent elbow.
  • All washrooms in the itinerary will be equipped with liquid soap dispensers.
  • Face masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves will be available to all our guests on request.

Work from Resort

Since March, a good number of companies has asked their employees to take up work from home option. With children at home taking online classes and the daily humdrum at home, working from home in a quiet atmosphere is not feasible these days.

Probably that is the reason why ‘Work from Resort’ is a new trend that is catching the fancy among many who wish to work at peace. Many resorts like ‘Cliff Stories’ at Varkala are offering attractive packages with high-speed WiFi connectivity, printer, office furniture, and clean rooms in addition to thermal scanning, and other safety measures in place. In these hotels, you can have small get-togethers.

The staff in these resorts adheres to social distancing; do express check-in, conduct thermal scanning on everyone who walks in, and serves only ala carte meals.

Book your holiday today! 

Whatever happens, life has to go on…so book your holiday to Kerala with Tyndis. Write to us to know more about the redesigned tour itinerary in Kerala. We follow the safety and hygiene standards recommended by the government of Kerala and WHO to ensure the wellbeing of all our customers booking a holiday with us.

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