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Top 10 things to do in Kasaragod – Kasaragod Tourism

Things to to in Kasaragod and Bekal
29 Jan 2019
Top 10 things to do in Kasaragod – Kasaragod Tourism

Bekal Fort, Valiyaparamba Backwaters, Ranipuram Peak…there is a lot to explore in Kasaragod. This Kerala Travel Blog covers the list of top ten things to do in Kasaragod.

Kasaragod is heaven less explored in Kerala. Lying in the northern tip of Kerala, the district of Kasaragod is gifted with virgin beaches, pristine backwaters and green hills of the Western Ghats!

Rivers like the Chandragiri and Thejaswini feed the mainland abundantly making the agriculture flourish. Some parts still are arid and barren with only laterite rocks. Tourist attractions of Bekal, like the Bekal Fort, are entirely built of laterite rocks.

The Malayalam spoken here has influences from Tulu, Kannada Urdu, and Konkani etc. Known as the ‘Sapthabhasha Sangama Bhoomi’ – the land of the seven languages, Kasaragod have people from various cultures and traditions live together. Karnataka has a great influence on the people of Kasaragod.

The people of Kasaragod eat differently, dress differently, speak different slangs and tongues – yet belong to the routes of Kasaragod! Kasaragod Tourism is always known for the Bekal Fort and the ancient south Indian temples like Madhur Temple, Ananathapura Lake Temple, etc. Now, let’s take a look at the less explored, yet fascinating things to do in Kasaragod. 


Suranga or the Thurangam is the traditional water harvesting system used in Kasaragod. The Suranga is a tunnel system. The narrow horizontal tunnel that is dug along the arid-laterite hillocks of Kasaragod to source and channelize the spring waters.

Things to to in Kasaragod and Bekal

Suranga in Kasaragod

The tunnels are a couple of feet in width and just about the height of an average human being. The typical tunnel could be as long as 300 to 400 metres, piercing into the core of the mountains. These Tunnels are regarded as one of the most sustainable water management systems used in and around Kasaragod district for generations. Visiting a traditional Suranga and learning its working is one of the experiential things to do in Kasaragod. It helps to understand the livelihood of the people of Kasaragod.


Mr Divakaran, dearly called as Divakarettan is a renowned Agriculturalist Scientist in the Kadinjimoola village of Nileshwar. Nileshwar is one of the top tourist attractions near Bekal. Mr Divakaran has great knowledge about the biodiversity of the region. With this knowledge,  he has set up a medicinal garden in the premises of his house and is very keen about spreading information about the medicinal plants and their use. A visit to his medicinal garden is one of the interesting things to do in Kasaragod for a nature lover. 

Things to to in Kasaragod and Bekal

Kasaragod Tourism Village Experience in Nileshwar

Even at the age of 62, Divakarettan, a professional toddy tapper still climbs around 10-15 coconut trees to tap the fresh toddy – which is regarded to have great medicinal benefits! Once in Kasaragod, the village experience with Divakarettan is a must thing to do in Kasaragod!


At the Banam Plantation in Parappa, guests can witness the performance of the Tarzans of Kasaragod. Banam is a place where the Areca nut or the Betel Nut plantations are extensively found. The harvesting of the matured Betel Nuts from the trees is an amazing sight.

Things to to in Kasaragod and Bekal

Areca palm plantation in Kasaragod

Experienced climbing labourers from the plantation climb-up one of the trees and pluck the nuts. They arch the tree and jump on to the next tree! The performance resembles the jump of Tarzan! The work is extremely risky and requires high skill and concentration as the trees sway in the wind and are often slippery! Watching their labour is one of the most exciting things to do in Kasaragod. If you are staying in Bekal Resorts, this is one of the best tourist attractions of Bekal.

The farm in Banam is also a must-visit place to experience the agricultural practice and the livelihood of the farm labourers in Kasaragod. Banam has homestays to accommodate guests.


Ranipuram is called the Queen of Malabar, or better the Ooty of Kerala Tourism! Travelling through the high range roads of Kasaragod, kissing the mists of Ranipuram, one can reach the foot of the hills, at the base camp set up by Kasaragod Tourism Department (DTPC Kasaragod). Ranipuram Trekking is one of the top things to do in Kasaragod.

Things to to in Kasaragod and Bekal

Ranipuram Peak in Kasaragod

A cottage complex name ‘Ranipuram Resorts’ has been set up here to cater tourists. In the morning, by 8:00 A.M the ticket counter gets opened. An adult ticket costs Rs 30. Write your name in the ledger, cut your ticket and you’re ready to take on the trekking trails!


Neythal is an NGO that runs based on the Thaikkadappuram beach in Nileshwar. The organization is a group of environmentalists and nature lovers who are involved in conserving and protecting the wildlife of the sea. They are majorly involved in the breeding and conservation of the Olive Ridley Turtles that come to lay eggs on the seashore. Environmentalists and nature lovers find visiting Neythal Hatchery at Thaikadappuram as one of the top things to do in Kasaragod. Thaikadappuram Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Kasaragod. 

The guests visiting the Neythal breeding centres are detailed about the importance of the turtles and the major threats they face on the seashore. The region also has a great collection of seabirds like the Sea Eagle and is gifted with abundant beauty of Beaches and Island villages.


Yakshagana or the Yakshaganam is a popular folk theatre form that hails from Karnataka and Northern parts of Kasaragod. Experiencing Theyyam and Yakshagana are often considered top things to do in Kasaragod. The art form has a long history of nearly four hundred years. It is a unique harmony of musical tradition, eye-catching costumes, and authentic styles of dance, improvised gestures and acting with its extemporaneous dialogue appealing to a wide range of the community.

Things to to in Kasaragod and Bekal

Yakshagana Performance in Kasaragod

It is a vibrant, vigorous living form of theatre art. The original scripts of Yakshaganam are written in Kannada and Sanskrit. The texts have been now translated into Malayalam by the Yakshaganam societies in Kasaragod.


In the outskirts of Kasaragod, one can learn about the story from the drylands of Kasaragod that will inspire environmentalists and nature lovers all over the world! Any environmentalist visiting North Kerala must include Kareem’s Forest in the list of their things to do in Kasaragod.

Things to to in Kasaragod and Bekal

Kareem’s Manmade Forest in Kasaragod

A story about one man’s vision and perseverance that led to the creation of the only man-made forest in Kerala of its size. In the Puliyamkulam village near Parappa in Kasaragod lies the 32-acres man-made forest created by Mr Abdul Kareem (fondly called as Kareem Ikka) through endless efforts! It is the best symbol of eco-friendly tourism in Kasaragod.


Nileshwaram often called as Nileshwar is not just a single point destination. It is a complex of places, activities and experiences that together constitute the idea of Nileshwar!

Tourists and Historians refer the town as the ‘Paithrika Nagari‘ or the cultural capital of North Malabar because of the rich concentration of music, dance, craftsmanship and temple festivals in this little, but a town with a rich heritage.

Things to to in Kasaragod and Bekal

Nileshwar Handloom Tour

Nileshwar contributes a major share of things to do in Kasaragod. Tourists can experience the Heritage WalksTheyyam, The Rajas Palace and the exclusive activities like the Malabar Beedi Making and Handloom weaving societies! Nileshwar also has scope for backwater tourism with Kerala Houseboat Cruise, Island Village Walks, etc. 


Cruise along the pristine Kerala backwater stretch of Kavvayi and Valiyaparamba in Kasaragod. Kerala houseboat cruise in Valiyaparamba and Kayaking in Kavvayi are some of the top things to do in Kasaragod. Tourists can experience a memorable day on a traditional Kerala houseboat cruising along the beautiful scenery of backwaters and evergreen.

Things to to in Kasaragod and Bekal

Kerala Houseboat cruise in Nileshwar

The houseboats are able to house 15-30 people on a go and the crew shall ensure the complete comfort for the guests. The amenities of the houseboat would more than satisfy the passengers. North Kerala Tour Package with houseboat cruise re ideal for Kerala family vacation, Couple Tours, Bachelor hangout or a company outing, etc.


Traditional pottery has been a part and parcel of the Erikkulam village in the Madikai Gramapanchayath of Kasaragod. Potter families in the village have followed their traditions for ages and are still engaged in making high-quality clay pots and cookware that have high demand in the market.

Things to to in Kasaragod and Bekal

Over time, there has been a slight declination in the number of craftsmen or skilled potters in the area. Still, a few expert potters from the old generation still keep the potter life of the village alive. Tourists can visit and experience the unique pot making techniques used by the potters of Erikkulam! Watching traditional pottery should be among your must things to do in Kasaragod not just because it is pure craftsmanship, but it also encourages these skilled labourers in their work.

For more details about any of these exciting things to do in Kasaragod, Get in Touch with Tyndis Tours. We provide experienced storytellers for all these activities in Kasaragod. Click to know about Top Things to do in Kannur.

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