Tyndis Theyyam Tour

The Divine Dance of Malabar

Rs. 3000 for 2 Pax

Tyndis Theyyam Tour takes you to the magic of Theyyam. Theyyam is the divine dance. It’s a ritualistic art form performed in the sacred temples.

It has roots mainly in the Kolathunadu. Kolathunadu included the Kannur- Kasaragod regions. As a result, almost all regions of North Malabar have Theyyam. Above all, people consider Theyyams to safeguard them.

There are 450+ Theyyakkolams in Malabar. Few of these are beautiful and very important. Likewise, Theyyakkolams are hence mainly divided into forms of Shakti. Shakti means power. The forms are Bhagavathy, Chamundi and Kurathi.

Explore Malabar – the land of Theyyams. The Temple Shrines and Groves of Malabar celebrate the divine dance of Theyyam from the 10th of Thulam (probably Late October) till the Mid of Edavam. Furthermore, while you travel in the Theyyam season, can certainly learn about the major Kaliyattams and Perumkaliyattam Festivals in Malabar.

Detail Description

Experience the elegance of Kaliyattam in the sacred groves of North Kerala. Theyyam dance is performed in the premises of sacred groves or village shrines. Tyndis Theyyam Tour provides the best experience of Theyyam in North Kerala.

Experienced Tyndis Storyteller will accompany the tourists to Theyyam performance. The storytellers will share the legend behind each Theyyam. Furthermore, they will also take the guests through the various rituals of Kaliyattam.

And certainly, guests can get to hear the local stories of the temple and the surrounding villages.


  • Theyyam is to be performed by experienced artists from the concerned community.
  • Theyamm is seasonal - begins by late October and goes on till mid-June. .
  • Photography at Theyyam performance requires prior permission from authority
  • Stick to the guidelines provided by Tyndis Storyteller

  • 2 hour Theyyam Tour with assistance
  • Storyteller Service
  • Insight on Theyyam in North Kerala

  • Any additional tour or sightseeing
  • Tipping and Shopping Expenses
  • Accommodation and Transportation


Can I take Photographs of the Theyyam Performance?

Yes, photography is allowed with prior permission. This will be arranged by Tyndis Storyteller on request at the time of booking.

What type of clothes are better for the temple?

Suggest to wear decent clothes - covering you from neck to ankles. Some villages may have religious people.


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