Tyndis Traditional Food Experience

The Biryani Treasures of Thalassery

Rs. 4000 for 2 Pax

Prepare for the best culinary tour in Kannur. The Thalassery Culinary Experience takes the guests along with the best and delicious local delicacies, serving the ultimate taste of Malabar! Experience the Best Thalassery Biryani. Furthermore, have delicious Snacks, Sarbath and lot more at a traditional Muslim house.

Tyndis Storytellers will accompany the tourists while the tour, hence explaining them about the rich food culture of North Kerala. Guests can actively take part in enthusiastic discussions with the storytellers. They will be certainly excited to share their knowledge. Also, the storytellers will also explain the step-by-step process of Cuisine Making.

Thalassery Chicken Biriyani and Mutton Biriyani are quite popular all over the world. The aroma and flavors make it a hearty meal. Certainly, the taste will stay in your tongue and heart for long.

Detail Description

Thalassery is known for its biryani. Even though Biriyani is a meal that is famous throughout India, the Thalassery Biriyani has its own specialties. While other Biriyani cuisines use Basmati Rice, the Thalassery biryani uses Khaima/Jeerkashala rice instead. It certainly has the influence of Arabian/Mughal culture. It is even more evident in the dishes of the Muslim community, although many have become popular among all communities.


  • No alcohol and No Smoking allowed inside the house compound.
  • Cooking of the Biriyani will take around 1-2 hours’ time.
  • Biriyani is a heavy meal. So make sure you have your stomach free enough!

  • 2 hours Biriyani Making Session and Detailing.
  • Insight on Biriyani Making and the traditional Malabar Cuisines.
  • Delicious and Spicy Biriyani served hot.
  • Welcome Drink

  • Course books, tutorials or manuals are not provided.
  • No raw materials for Biriyani Making are provided from the organizer to the guests for future use.


Can I take Photographs of the Biriyani Making Process?

Yes, photography is allowed.

Is Biryani too spicy for people new to it?

No, the Biryani can be cooked with moderate spice as per requirement.


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